Dear Volunteers,

I am delighted to share this magazine with you about the new game formats for youth football. The Netherlands is following the example set by England, Germany, Spain and Belgium by introducing a new structure for youth football. This will help us to work with our children on dribbling attempts, shooting for goal, playing as a team and scoring - and lead to even more enjoyment for our youth. This magazine covers everything about the new game formats, our supervision, technical skills, competitive football, accommodation, and sportsmanship and respect. 

I am proud of our partnership with clubs and the children who took part in this survey. Your contribution and effort are much appreciated. That makes us feel good: we cannot do without your enthusiasm. Both the meetings and the survey held at and with the clubs indicate for example that your preference is for implementation over a two-year period, starting this season with the under 8s and the under 9s. We understand your preference and will take the time over the next two years to carefully implement the changes to youth football. We'll do this together with you. 

We will evaluate the status mid-season 2017/2018 and would like to hear from you how the changes are impacting day-to-day reality at your club, and if any further improvements can be made. 

In conclusion: many thanks for all your efforts. We are working together to give our youth even more pleasure from football! 

With all best wishes, 

​​​​​​​Jan Dirk van der Zee
Managing director/administrator Amateur Football