6 versus 6 rules of play ​​​​​​​

Under 8s and 9s

As of the 2017/2018 season ​​​​​​​

Under 10s​​​​​

As of the 2018/2019 season

Rules of play

The match supervisor is responsible for applying the rules of play. The match supervisor does not stand on the pitch, but on the sideline. Should the rules of play be incorrectly observed, the match supervisor takes a decision and, when appropriate, explains why. The sideline is a match supervisor's home base, although if the game calls for the supervisor to enter the pitch, he/she is free to do so. The match supervisor has but one obligation, and that is to ensure that the boys and/or girls play as much football as possible. Only the players and a match supervisor are allowed on the pitch. 

Trainers, coaches and other parties may not be on the pitch during the game. An injury to one of the players is obviously the exception to the rule so long as the match supervisor grants permission for a third party to enter the pitch. 

Number of players

6 versus 6


U8s, U9s and U10s

Pitch size

42,5m x 30m

Goal size

Youth Football (5m x 2m)

Ball size

Recommended size 4,290 grams

Duration of play

U8s/U9s: 2 x 20 minuten

U10s: 2 x 25 minuten








Hand shaking

and high fives

Role of coach

Positive encouragement

along the sideline

Role of parents

Positive encouragement

along the sideline

Role of referee

Match supervisor monitors 

the flow of play


7 metres