Internal Game Format 4 versus 4


As of the 2017/2018 season

The KNVB recommends that the under 7s play in a 4 versus 4 game format. Many clubs are already familiar with this game format. This format enables children to enjoy more touches of the ball, more goals and scoring attempts, and greater involvement in the game. 

For this age-group, clubs can organise games within the framework of a tournament on their own grounds or in the neighbourhood. Should a club not be able to organise this itself, the KNVB in partnership with ING will offer support to make it happen as well as take on other organisational tasks. Clubs that would like to play in a pool compiled by the KNVB can register to do so in the normal way. Preferably, the youngsters are moved from team to team for each game so that a flow of new teams is created.