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Club support

Are you - or is your club - looking for support to organise the new Youth Football game formats? The KNVB is here to help you. Clubs that need support can contact our various consultants. The KNVB has an in-house specialist for each of the key disciplines who can personally help you with your questions long and short.

​​Club Support (Dutch PDF)​

We would be particularly interested in helping your club in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • How do I classify my Youth Football teams? 
  • How do I compile an optimal match programme based on the number of pitches and changing rooms at my disposal?

  • How do I create the pitches needed for the new game formats? 
  • How do I manage our volunteers' policy?
  • How do I ensure that youthful footballers are classified at the appropriate level? 
  • How do I generate optimal enjoyment and development for the youthful footballers in my club? 
  • How do I inform everyone within my club about the imminent changes?

The KNVB has divided clubs throughout the Netherlands into 18 regions in order to support them optimally. Every region has its own club advisor (VA), Technical Youth Coordinator (TJC), Technical Youth Coordinator for Girls & Women's Football and a specialist in Club refereeing support (MOCA). Clubs can make use of the expertise of these specialists. 

Visit for an overview of the club contacts in your region. While on the website, take a look at the overview of subjects and issues in which we can offer our support to your club. You will find a wide range of useful documents - match reports, technical skills manuals and refereeing arbitration, for example - that may be of use to you as a volunteer.


As main sponsor of football in the Netherlands, we inspire the youth and create the conditions, together with the KNVB, for them to enjoy playing football. But that means we have to keep innovating as has been done with the launch of the new Youth Football game formats. Youth Football is now better aligned with the development and enjoyment of children who love football at any and every level. ING is happy to provide its support to this worthy goal. As main sponsor of football in the Netherlands, we want to help football to move forward. Youth Football as well, of course. In March 2017, the crowdfunding platform was launched whereby clubs could collect extra money at no cost. This extra income enables clubs to purchase equipment including football goals, cones and pitch delineation accessories. And together with the KNVB, we invest in Coaching the Youth programmes, we involve parents as a supporter or volunteer in youth football, we invest in online tools voor managers and coaches as well as organise meetings and workshops throughout the country. In this way, we help Dutch football move forward.

More information or useful communication media (including a communication kit and flyers, infographics and filmclips for clubs).